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Media & Hard Drive Destruction

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Media and Hard Drive Destruction, Computer Disposal & Recycling

Data can be found in multiple formats which is why CSC attained certification for all types of media. We employ a variety of types of equipment; shredders, grinders, disintegrators and degausser’s. Our certified processes ensure the destruction is complete and no data remains. We serve both commercial clients and residential customers throughout Illinois.

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We Stay Committed to Security

Identifying and properly destroying the various types of media available is no easy task. AAA Certified Confidential Security Corporation (CSC) is certified for the secure destruction of all types of media including hard drives, solid state media, removable media and micro media. We serve both commercial clients and residential customers throughout Illinois, and we’ve been in the business since 1984.

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Hard Drive Destruction

Did you know that simply erasing or sanitizing your Hard Drives does not guarantee that all of your private information is non-retrievable? If you're worried about disposing of old hard drives, we can put your mind at ease. Physical destruction is the ultimate way to ensure that data is unrecoverable.

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Micro-Media Destruction

Our company destroys your non-paper records in a variety of methods to ensure no readable information is left.

Microfiche – is disintegrated into 1/8″ particles. We can even pulverize into dust-sized matter.

Film – is disintegrated or shredded as needed.

Tapes – are shredded and/or degaussed.

CD’s and Diskettes – are shredded into confetti-sized particles.

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Computer Recycling and Disposal

We offer secure computer recycling and disposal. We serve both commercial clients and residential customers throughout Illinois, and we've been in the business since 1984.

AAA Certified Confidential Security Corp Hard Drive Shredder

Interested to see how our hard drive shredder works? Our Hard Drive Shredder has a capacity to destroy 1000 hard drives per hour. The end product is sent for recycling.

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Our company provides document and paper shredding services to the following areas throughout Illinois:

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NAID AAA Certified

In 2000, Confidential Security Corporation became the first ever company to become AAA NAID Certified. The International Secure Information Governance & Management Association™ (i-SIGMA®) verifies compliance with all data protection laws, fulfilling your regulatory due diligence obligations.

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