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Secure Document Shredding & Media Destruction Services In Pekin, Illinois

We are your trusted experts in secure media destruction and paper shredding services, serving not only Pekin but also the entire Central Illinois region. Our top priority is to provide our valued clients with the utmost confidence, knowing that their confidential data are handled professionally and securely.

At CSC, we take pride in our shredding services. We offer secure media destruction and paper shredding services to businesses and residential consumers alike. Our efficient and trustworthy services have been AAA Certified by Confidential Security since 1984, and we are also NAID AAA certified, ensuring the highest level of security and confidentiality in our processes.

Your Source for Document Shredding in Pekin, IL

We understand the importance of safeguarding personal and business documents. Our services are designed to provide you with the highest level of security and confidentiality in document destruction. We offer a comprehensive range of paper shredding services to cater to your specific needs and ensure the protection of your sensitive information.

We Offer the Following Shredding Services:

  1. Hard Drive Destruction: Ensure complete data security with our hard drive destruction service, keeping your sensitive information safe from unauthorized access.
  2. Residential Shredding: Our residential shredding services come with competitive rates, making it easier for individuals to protect their confidential documents.
  3. Shred Events: Engage with the community and enhance security through our shred events, which promote responsible document disposal.
  4. Scheduled Shredding: For added convenience, we offer scheduled shredding services, ensuring regular and consistent document destruction.
  5. Drop-off Shredding: We have a drop-off location in Peoria, Illinois! Bring any boxes or bags containing sensitive documents to our office. Using our commercial shredding machinery, we will destroy your documents. We are accessible during business hours without an appointment.


Your confidentiality is our top priority. We follow strict protocols to guarantee the protection of your information during the shredding process. Whether you are a residential client or a business owner, you can trust us to handle your documents with the utmost care and professionalism.

Why CSC for Paper Shredding & Media Destruction in Pekin

When it comes to secure document shredding and media destruction in Pekin, CSC (Confidential Security Corporation) stands out as your reliable and trusted partner. Here’s why you should choose us for your confidential document disposal needs:

  1. Extensive Experience: With a long-standing presence since 1984, CSC has been providing secure document destruction services in Central Illinois. We have earned a reputation for excellence in information protection, serving both residential and commercial clients with unmatched expertise.

  2. NAID Certification: CSC is NAID-certified for hard drive destruction, ensuring that your sensitive data is in safe hands. We use cross-cut shredding methods, making documents undetectable and guaranteeing complete confidentiality throughout the shredding process.

  3. Comprehensive Services: Apart from secure paper shredding, we offer secure destruction, disposal, and recycling of micro media, hard drives, and computers. Whether you need to dispose of paper documents or electronic media, CSC provides an all-in-one solution to meet your specific requirements.

  4. Compliance and Security: Your peace of mind is our priority. We ensure complete protection of confidential documents for both residential and commercial clients. By choosing CSC, you can be confident that your data is handled with the utmost care and in compliance with data protection laws.

  5. Customer-centric Approach: At CSC, we value our customers, and our aim is to provide you with the best possible experience. Our team is dedicated to meeting your needs and ensuring a seamless and secure document destruction process.

  6. Environmentally Responsible: We are committed to environmental sustainability. Like you, we care about the environment, and that’s why we recycle all shredded materials, contributing to the reduction of waste and environmental preservation.

Choosing CSC means partnering with a trusted and certified company that prioritizes your security and confidentiality. Whether you are an individual or a business, our expert team is equipped to handle your document shredding and media destruction needs in Pekin, IL. Join our satisfied clientele and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your confidential information is in safe hands.

Services for Residential Clients in Pekin, IL

At Confidential Security Corporation, we cater to the paper shredding and document destruction needs of residents in Pekin, IL, and its surrounding areas. Our highly trained staff will collect your sensitive files and arrange for destruction on our industrial shredding equipment. All clients receive a Certificate of Destruction for your records. Contact us today for a quote.

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NAID AAA Certified

In 2000, Confidential Security Corporation became the first ever company to become AAA NAID Certified. The International Secure Information Governance & Management AssociationTM (i-SIGMA®) verifies compliance with all data protection laws, fulfilling your regulatory due diligence obligations.

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