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Certified to NAID standards 10th Consecutive Year

Confidential Security Corporation passes 10th certification audit.

Confidential Security Corporation (CSC), a Central Illinois provider of secure information and document destruction services, recently passed its tenth consecutive NAID certification audit. CSC is a charter member of the shredding industry’s National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). CSC’s President Tom Simpson chaired the Certification Committee in 2000 and he volunteered CSC to be the first NAID member to undergo the audit and certification process. In 2000, CSC became the first NAID-certified document destruction company.

Peoria, IL (August 11, 2010)  AAA Certified Confidential Security Corporation (CSC) recently successfully completed its

tenth NAID certification from the National Association for information Destruction. A charter member of NAID, CSC enjoys the distinction of being the first document shredding company to become NAID certified. In 2000, CSC President Tom Simpson chaired the Certification Committee and volunteered CSC to be the first NAID member to undergo the NAID audit and certification process.

NAID sets international standards for what constitutes secure destruction of information, a process required by many new federal laws including FACTA (Credit Report Info), HIPAA (healthcare) and Gramm-Leach-Biley (financial). The NAID Certification Program establishes standards and audits information destruction companies to ensure they are complying with these secure destruction processes. The audit covers areas such as operational security, employee hiring and screening, the destruction process, responsible disposal and insurance.

“We are proud to achieve our tenth NAID certification, but even more to have been the first document destruction company to become NAID certified,” stated Heather Fitzanko, CSC Vice President. “NAID certification assures our clients that CSC is following the highest standards and maintaining the “legal chain of custody” in destroying critical documents, micro-media, hard-drives and other materials, in line with growing legal mandates.”

“The legal requirements for secure document destruction now encompass many industries including attorneys, insurance agencies, financial institutions, doctor’s offices, hospitals, pharmacies, and government agencies,”stated Fitzanko. “Any data breach may impose stiff financial penalties, but even more embarrassing for these companies are new requirements for them to publicize any breach of security. Our NAID affiliation and certification gives us the necessary tools to assess any business’ security processes and to help them develop written information protection plans. Although not widely recognized, every major data protection law passed in the last three years requires affected organizations to have written information protection plans.”

About AAA Certified Confidential Security Corporation:

Founded in 1984, CSC has doubled in size during the last five years and currently serves clients located in Illinois, from east to west border, north to Wisconsin and south to Quincy. CSC is a company of firsts. A charter member of the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID), CSC was the first company to be certified by NAID for secure information service. Tom Simpson, CSC President, a long-time member of NAID has held multiple leadership positions since its inception. CSC was also the first dedicated information destruction service in the US to be registered to the standards of the ISO Quality Management System. In 2005 CSC received the Peoria Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Business Integrity. CSC continues to grow the secure destruction services it offers clients as well as its ability to assist clients in assessing their security processes and developing legally mandated, written information protection plans. After secure document destruction, whenever possible, CSC recycles destroyed materials. Find CSC online at or contact them at (309) 691-0909.

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